Upcoming Pearson Planned System Downtimes - 6/24 & 7/8

This message is to notify you of two upcoming planned system maintenance periods which will involve downtimes. Pearson is committed to providing teachers and students with a high performing and stable product experience. These updates are focused on improving system hardware and network capacity used to deliver our online course experience.

The scheduled maintenance windows:

     Saturday, June 24th from 8PM EDT - Sunday, June 25th 12PM EDT - expect system unavailability

     Saturday, July 8th from 10PM EDT - Sunday, July 9th 8AM EDT - expect system unavailability

Please note that during the downtimes, you will will not be able to register for, sign-in, and/or access any course materials.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Updated Privacy Policy


We’re updating our Privacy Policy.

Effective January 27, 2017, this platform’s Privacy Policy will be updated to confirm our commitment to privacy.  Please review this updated Privacy Policy, here, and if you have any questions or concerns please refer to the Policy, Section B, Contact Us.


My Pearson Training - new website!

My Pearson Training and My Training Connection are now My Pearson Training!  The new My Pearson Training is your one-stop training site for thousands of Pearson training resources. It bridges two great training websites — My Pearson Training and My Training Connection. Based on the product’s specific training offerings, you may have access to the following:

·  Training Guides

·  On-Demand Tutorials

·  Virtual training sessions and workshops

·  Live chat and email support

·  Transcript tracking and reporting

Register Today! If you're already registered, use your My Training Connection username and password to log in. If not, register today to start enjoying Pearson's on-demand training resources at your fingertips. 

Virtual Browser Update

Pearson has just received notice from iSwifter Learn Inc. that they are terminating support of their browser virtualization application, Rover, as of March 13, 2014.  This means that if you currently use the Rover app on iPads to access Flash based material, including digital curriculum products on Pearson SuccessNet and SuccessNet Plus, you will need to install and use a different service.  


We have tested several virtual browser options and summarized those test results in an updated version of our White Paper.  


After review and testing, we recommend that users download the Puffin Academy browser for use as their virtualization tool to access flash-based educational content.  Many Pearson customers are successfully using this tool to access their content today.  

For more information about the Puffin Academy browser, click here.