SuccessNet Plus merges powerful learning management with Pearson’s proven curriculum to offer a complete digital curriculum solution for K12 schools. This new kind of learning management offers assessment, planning, instruction and tracking integrated with Pearson’s proven curriculum to automatically personalize instruction for all students and offer comprehensive, customizable programs.

Integrated programs include all instructional content

  • Whiteboard-ready lessons
  • Student and Teacher eTexts
  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Ready-to-use lesson plans
  • Auto graded homework
  • Teacher resources
  • Search by skill, standard, content, activity, or lesson type

Personalize instruction for all your students. Personalizing instruction for each student is one of the most important – and difficult – goals to achieve in today’s classrooms. SuccessNet Plus automates and delivers personalized instruction throughout each program by embedding a wide range of assessment across the curriculum to continuously inform ongoing instruction and remediation for every student.

Ongoing Assessments Inform Personalized Learning:

  • Wide range of type including formative and benchmark
  • 26 assessment item types
  • Personal study plans for remediation and skill mastery
  • Individual learner settings
  • Dynamic learner setting updated to reflect changes in student ability
  • Instruction delivered to suit each student’s skill level

Provide curriculum that’s 100% customizable. Complete programs are ready-to-use so educators don’t have to build curriculum from scratch or manage isolated resources. Easy customization allows administrators and teachers to supplement Pearson content and lesson plans with school and third-party materials to meet district guidelines, specific classroom needs, or to better fit different teaching styles.

  • Edit program materials including Assessments, Activities, and Lesson Plans
    • Upload Teacher Materials
  • Share out School or District Content
  • Create new materials for auto-grading

Save teachers at least 50 hours a year – per class – managing instruction and tracking progress. Integrated scheduling, assigning and class management solutions save teacher time spent in planning, keep all resources at their fingertips, and provide up-to-the minute student data to understand students’ needs, track progress, and inform decision-making.

  • Unified and Calendar based Planning
    • Multiple programs and classes at once
    • Drag-and-drop to plan, assign and manage schedules
    • Check how lessons align to standards
  • Immediate Results Tracking:
    • Assessments
    • Assignment Progress
    • Auto-graded homework

Students today want technology to play a central role in delivering and enhancing their learning experience. Pearson’s newest programs bring together exciting digital content with the responsiveness informed by ongoing assessment results to keep students engaged, accountable, and progressing.

  • Dynamic multimedia eTexts, lessons and activities
  • Personalized study plans and instruction leveld to each students’ ability
  • Immediate assessment feedback and results
  • Extensive content exploration and organized tak lists