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All the Elements for Success

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All the Elements for Success
About this Program
Fully aligned to the Virginia Standards of Learning, Pearson Chemistry for Virginia provides comprehensive support to prepare students for the End-of-Course Chemistry exam. Pearson Chemistry for Virginia offers tools to help you engage and motivate your students, while offering support for all the levels and types of learners in your classroom.
About this Demo is the next generation of digital instruction, offering complete online Student and Teacher editions, a comprehensive teacher center, customizable lesson plans, editable resources, hundreds of lab worksheets, interactive animations and simulations, tutorials, videos, virtual labs, and assessments in one place. Featuring the latest in digital instructional technology, integrates the key concepts you’re your textbook and bring them alive online. This easy-to-manage site also fits your planning, teaching, and assessment needs by offering everything you need to manage your class, track progress, customize your teaching style, and reach and teach your students in new and exciting ways.

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