Prentice Hall Economics

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About this Program
Prentice Hall Economics explores Essential Questions to help students of all abilities achieve fundamental understanding of core economic principles.  This digital course blends technology, integrated hands-on activities, and a student text providing all students multiple ways to Connect, Experience, and Understand the content they are learning:
  • Connect to economics and how it plays a role in your student’s lives with content and activities that encourage critical thinking and personal connections to the issues found throughout the lessons and activities.
  • Experience economics hands-on with Economics on the Go audio and video resources. Activity-based learning inspires students to develop confidence and self-direction.
  • Understand the content deeply and promote active citizenship. Your students aren’t just learning the content but applying it to their everyday lives. Our assessment and remediation tools track progress and ensure students are prepared for success.
About this Demo Course
Registering to demo Prentice Hall Economics offers you a firsthand chance to:
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  • Use powerful management tools to customize the curriculum, personalize learning for each student, and simplify everyday planning and management tasks
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