Environmental Science

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Your World. Your Turn

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Real Issues. Real Data. Real Choices.
About this Program
Environmental science is about bringing the outside world into the classroom in a way that engages, involves, and empowers every high school student – no matter their ability level. Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn gives you the tools to do just that.
Using real case studies, current data, engaging inquiry activities, and rich multimedia support, Environmental Science: Your World, Your Turn brings the real world into your classroom – making environmental science personal, actionable, and inspiring.
About this Demo 
Deliver environmental science lessons to your students where they live in the digital world at MyEnvironmentalScience.com. Your go-to site for unique online-only activities will capture your students’ attention, keep them focused, and make science relevant to their lives. Whether in class or on the go, your students can support and extend their learning in a medium they know and enjoy with an online student edition, mapping activities, central case extensions, and self-tests.
This easy-to-manage site also fits your planning, teaching, and assessment needs by offering everything you need to manage your class, track progress, customize your teaching style, and reach and teach your students in new and exciting ways.
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