Got It!

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Welcome to the demonstration site for Got it!  Online Review and Reteaching for Vocabulary and Grammar


About this Program

Got It! offers a very affordable and flexible online course, powered by SuccessNet Plus, for students who need to review and relearn basic vocabulary and grammar taught in Spanish 1, 2, or 3. Each vocabulary or grammar review lesson begins with a pretest.  If students score below 70% (which is the current score threshold set in the platform), they are automatically assigned review content that includes visuals, audio and/or videos, and two sets of practice activities.  Teacher can adjust the score threshold as needed. When all review is completed, students are then auto-assigned a post-test.  Teachers can see the pre- and post-test scores in the Gradebook in order to monitor progress.  The vocabulary topics and grammar at each level reflect what is commonly taught at each level.  


About this Demo Course

This Demo Course allows you to try out the eTexts and review lessons for vocabulary and grammar. Within this demo, you can access the following components and functionality:


  • eText (vocabulary and grammar review pages)
  • Vocabulary review lessons
  • Grammar review lessons


  • Teacher Home Page
  • Student Home Page
  • Assigning tools and Calendar
  • Gradebook and Reports
  • Communication tools
  •  Customization and Add Content


A few things to remember about Demo Programs:

  • For detailed support, visit
  • A Demo Account is for review purpose only and allows you to preview the entire digital experience.  A Demo account is not designed for utilizing in the classroom with students. 
  • Within a Demo Program, you cannot enroll students or create rosters. However, there is a default student (Student_Student) enrolled in your class that enables you to view the student experience and complete assignments that appear in the gradebook.
  • Your account will be active for 180 days, after this time your account will automatically expire.
  • If you purchase this product for your classroom, you will need to create a new Username to set up your teacher account.  However, you can use the same password.

Need an Access Code?

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