Idea of America

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Inspiring Active Citizenship

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The Idea of America by Colonial Williamsburg
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Learn How The Idea of America Inspires Active Citizenship
The Idea of America does what traditional textbooks cannot: it immerses students in a stimulating, multi-sensory, interactive, learning experience. The case studies bring history to life as students interact with history and with other students across the country. The case studies include:
  • Video and audio: Video introductions for every case study, video interviews with dozens of historians and eyewitnesses, historical video footage, and full audio support for the narrative.
  • Interactivities: Digital games, hands-on projects, and document-based activities using primary sources, maps, charts, and images.
  • Resource Tools: Online timelines, glossary, biographies, formative and summative assessment through constructed response and multiple choice questions.
  • Virtual Republic: Students can learn by interacting with other classrooms across the nation
  • Current Events: Frequently updated current events linked directly to each case study.
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