Une fois pour toutes

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About Une fois pour toutes

This highly recommended all-French grammar text provides extensive review for upper level French grammar. With the Une fois pour toutes Digital Courseware, grammar can be reviewed and practiced online using the auto-graded functionality with the fill-in-the-blank and short answer Exercises and Interrogations. The Situation Actives tasks use the teacher-graded essay tool for written responses and RealTalk! for spoken responses.

The Digital Edition includes the complete eText, assignable activities, tests, and PDFs of the teacher resources. Teachers using Allons au-delà or AP* French will find Une fois pour toutes Digital Edition a perfect digital companion for grammar review.


About the Demo Program

This Demo Program allows you to try out the Digital Courseware.

Within this demo you can: 

  • Try out Leçon 1 including the Explications, Modéles, Exercises, Situation actives, and the Interrogations.
  • Access the eText (online Student Edition)
  • Make assignments, complete activities, and check out how they report into the Gradebook.
  • Click to the Student View. 
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